Friday, December 30, 2005

Aqua Inc

I recently received my CD of goodies from the Applix TM1 Asia-Pacific Conference.
One of the best bits on there is Tim Herriman's Aqua Inc model which he presented and showed how he built. Graphically its one of the best looking front ends you will see.


I recently recieved the latest fact sheet of Dynamo! from Revelwood:

"Dynamo! provides you with a rich set of features for creating new reports and data entry templates from scratch or transforming your existing reports, in seconds. This offers huge benefits to end users – reduced maintenance, increased report integrity and greater interactivity."

Check it out at

I haven't had much time to investigate it but I'm sure some TM1 users would benefit from the product who find dynamic slices complex and need an easy wizard for updating reports.

TM1 version 9.0

TM1 version 9.0 was officially released on 21/12/2005.
This is a complete re-write of TM1 web based fully on .Net.
From the beta testing I can tell you it looks really good with the ease of publishing probably the biggest selling point.
Dynamic Slices are not supported yet which I believe a lot of people will want.