Monday, September 30, 2013

Cognos on Google Android

There is now a native App available on the google play store:

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Enterprise Reporting with TM1: The New Landscape

The best overview of TM1 10.2 I have seen is available here at Quebit:

Thursday, September 26, 2013

TM1 10.2 and .xls

As of TM1 10.2 the tm1web will no longer support Excel 2003 .xls files.

Fear not though as there is a conversion tool available.

Just go into Architect/Perspectives and right click on your .xls file to find a conversion tool.

Mine converted all fine without error.

For more details see:

Sunday, September 22, 2013

TM1 Server Monitoring

as of TM1 10.2 you no longer get tm1top available to you.
On the bright side though there has been massive improvements to OperationsConsole.
This of course gives you monitoring on your TM1 service but not the whole box.
A really useful and not expensive option is to use a complete monitoring tool like
This way you can even log onto the box via your iphone to restart any service.

TM1 in Cognos Workspace

Not many people realise that Cognos Workspace can be setup to see the TM1 Application folder and Cubeviews. This means that users can drag/drop websheets and cubeviews onto their workspace and combine them with BI reports.

Essentially this is an evolution of the tm1 portlets capability.

To set this up on your server you need to modify 2 files.

Tm1_contribution.atom = This is to add the Tm1 instance to workspace = this is to give the instance proper name

Be aware the 10.2 requires you to edit some further files but its all explained in the documents. Cognos BI will also require a restart to kick in the new settings

TM1 Setup in Cafe

When you open the new Cafe 10.2 interface and want to connect to a TM1 server then in the options you need to set the url to be:


i.e don't try putting pmpsvc at the end which is the url for your applications server

CDM and TM1 Aliases

I have been doing quite a bit with CDM (Cognos Disclosure Management) and integrating TM1 as a datasource.
A key thing for people to be aware of is CDM requires an Alias set in TM1 called MEMBER_CAPTION.
The easiest thing to do is create the alias and then use a rule to dynamically populate the value from an existing Alias

TM1 10.2 TM1Web

TM1web  10.2 dramatically changed TM1web for the better.
A really good summary of the changes and differences can be found here:

TM1 10.2 with Excel 2013

The release of TM1 10.2 is very exciting.
Here are some points people may have missed like TM1 now supporting Excel 2013: