Thursday, September 21, 2006


I had a lot of success recently putting this paramter into the TM1 cfg file.
A security refresh used to take 20mins but by adding this parameter and feeding everything correctly it reduced to 3minutes. Well worth it.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Drill Thru Tip

When creating a drill through process you will most likely need to do some coding in the Prolog section of the TI process.
If a user does a drill on an element which shows an alias you will probably need to convert this name back into a code which the underlying database system recognises to use in a SQL statement.
I therefore use a DIMIX and DIMNM formula to return the element.

e.g. Costcentre = DIMNM('Costcentre', DIMIX('Costcentre', Costcentre));

} Cubes

If you want to hide a TM1 cube from a normal user you can easily just name it with a } at the front.
It will then be treated as a control object and only viewable if you select the option to see them.

Monday, September 18, 2006

TM1Web Recalculate

Something that may not be obviuos but I think very important is that the recalculate button in TM1Web does the equivilant of F9, so if you have a large spredsheet you may get slow performance. Would seem to me to be best to split everything into seperate workbook with hyperlinks.

Dimension Editor Wierd Behaviour

I recently saw this happen in v9 SP2.

Go into the dimension editor, change a consolidation weighting from 1 to -1 and press save.

I have seen this fail if you have an alias on and also if you highlight 1 press delete and then type -1.