Saturday, June 23, 2007

SUBNM V8 to V9

One thing general users of TM1 should be aware of, if they have been upgraded from V8 to V9 of TM1, is the change to the SUBNM worksheet formula.

In V8 a TM1 slice would result in the paging dimensions having a formula like so:

SUBNM(Dimension, Subset, Index, [Alias])

The problem with this was that because the formula was based of an index, then if the indexing of that dimension changed then users would get unexpected results from their reports.

In V9 the SUBNM formula improved so that it accepted either an Index or a Name yet still kept the same double click functionality:

SUBNM(Dimension, Subset, IndexOrName, [Alias])

When you do a slice the default behaviour is for the Element name to be used as the parameter to the formula.

My suggestion is that if you have been upgraded from V8 to V9, then go back and revisit any old worksheets/reports that you have, double click the subnm formulas, select the element again and the subnm will update with the SUBNM using the Name as the paramter, thus future proofing your Excel reports.