Wednesday, January 19, 2011

TM1Web Timeouts

The defaults timeouts on tm1web normally need extending for deployments.
The best guide I have seen is here:

and extract below:

Resolving the problem
To prevent a TM1Web session from timing out configure your Timeout Parameter according to business requirements and “precedence of timeout settings” (best practice is not to change the default parameters).
Check web.config and tm1s.cfg file timeout parameter information. Check if you have a setting in your tm1s.cfg as it could be impacting your timeout if you do (note that no entry = never timeout). IdleConnectionTimeOut Seconds specifies a timeout limit for idle client connections, in seconds.For example, if you include the line IdleConnectionTimeOutSeconds=900 in tm1s.cfg, the server disconnects idle client connections after 900 seconds.

Timeout Parameter in TM1 & Microsoft IIS & TM1Web
0. Increase timeout IdleConnectionTimeOutSeconds (tm1s.cfg) from 900 sec to 7200 sec (= 120 min)
1. Increase timeout of IIS worker process from sec (=20 min) to 7200 sec (= 120 min)
cscript %SystemDrive%\Inetpub\AdminScripts\adsutil.vbs set W3SVC/AppPools/ApplicationPoolName n
2. Increase timeout DefaultAppPool from default 20 min to 120 min
3. Increase timeout TM1 Web Session (web.config) from default 20 min to 120 min
4. httpRuntime executionTimeout="7200" (web.config)
6. restart IIS after changing timeout settings

Another category of Session Timeouts, the ones where immediately after logon (or a short time later) the Session Timeout hits the user, is due to the default setting in IIS Version 6 webserver of MS Windows Server 2003:
Go to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools ->IIS Manager -> Application Pool -> Default Application Pool (DefaultAppPool) -> right mouse click to open context menu, selectProperties -> tab Performance -> Web Garden: Maximum number of worker processes -> Change from default value of 4 to 1.