Friday, April 13, 2012

IBM Cognos TM1 10.1.0 and 9.5.2 object names cannot contain the following reserved characters

Goes with the best practice guidelines for using underscores in model names:

Reserved Characters

The following characters are reserved. You cannot use these reserved characters when you name TM1 applications, cubes, views, dimensions, subsets, processes, and chores:

’​ apostrophe​
*​ asterisk​
@​ at sign​
\​ back-slash​
:​ colon​
,​ comma​
"​ double-quote​
>​ greater-than​
<​ less-than​
|​ pipe ​
?​ question-mark​
;​ semicolon​
/​ slash​
Note: The right curly brace (}) should not be the first character in any user-created TM1 object name. TM1 and control object names always begin with the right curly brace. If a user-created object name begins with a right curly brace, the object will be hidden to end-users if Display Control Objects is turned off.