Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Does TM1 support clustering /load balancing?

Interesting link here about whether TM1 supports clustering/load balancing:


None of the shipped versions of the TM1 software support load balancing or clustering. The TM1 software does not possess any integrated load balancing or cluster functionality. Nor does it support and use load balancing or cluster standards and interfaces used by some external load balancing or clustering software.
For instance:
Cluster-aware software run by WCS (Windows Cluster Services) can execute a hot failover. If the master node of the WCS cluster fails, its slave node becomes the new master node. Cluster-aware software can directly switch from the failed old master node to the new master node. Due to the hot failover, from a user point of view nothing has happened, the user sessions survive the hot failover, the users are not forced to log on again after the switch of the cluster-aware application from the old failed master node to the new running master node.

But the TM1 Server software is not cluster-aware, thus it cannot perform a hot failover. In contrast to a cluster-aware application a non cluster-aware application must be started on the new master node. And because the user sessions have been terminated by the failure of the old master node, after the non cluster-aware application is up and running on the new master node, the users do have to log on again.