Monday, March 07, 2011

Excel export not working in TM1 Contributor on Windows 2008

If exports are not working on your TM1 contributor deployment and you have installed on windows 2008 then its probably an issue outlined in the online manual about a chnage in dll locations in Win2008:

Due to a change in location of a Windows 2008 .dll file, when running TM1® Contributor on Microsoft® Windows 2008, you must either copy the .dll to the c:\windows\system32 location or add the following symbolic link to permit Export to Excel or Export to PDF to work.


Login to the system as an administrator. It is not sufficient to be a user who is part of the administrator group.

In a command prompt cd to


Enter the following command:

mklink iprop.dll c:\windows\syswow64\iprop.dll

This command creates a pointer to the original file required by TM1 Contributor.

If this link file is ever deleted, you must re-create the link to allow exports to work again