Monday, March 07, 2011

TM1 Active Forms

TM1 Active Forms are very powerful but sometimes a few simple tips can improve performance dramatically.
The next few post will outline a few of these simple techniques.

The first tip is that first row of the ‘active’ section is the basis of the entire report … all formulas are copied down from there. Find the row with the TM1RptRow formula and this is the row that will be copied.

You can actually delete all rows below row with the TM1RptRow formula. All rows beneath are calculated at run time.

For example I took a client's active form report, that was a simple active form straight from the cube viewer but contained nearly 1000 rows and took almost 5 minutes to appear on tm1web, deleted all the rows beneath the TM1RptRow then saved and uploaded. The result was the form then appeared in tm1web in seconds